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Multi Media Resources


Sermon Powerpoint Slides

Audio Recording of Sermons

SSMC Family Camp 2013 Message Audio

SSMC Family Camp 2012

RBC Conference 2013 - Moses by Bill Crowder

RBC Conference 2012 - Simon Peter by Rev Bill Crowder


Videos from DG Sunday 3 Aug 2014

Videos for use during DG Sunday (7 Oct 2012)

Father's Heart Seminar (Audio & Video) 

24 Principles Of Praying Through For A Nation

 Christian and the use of the word "Allah"

 Responding to possible action against churches for using "Allah" (NECF)

 Prayer United Resources

 NECF 40 Day Fast & Prayer Guide 2014




SSMC Photo /Video Gallery


Dr Joe Ozawa's Video Resources Videos of the Week  
















Discipleship Group Study Materials (2014)


 Discipleship Group Study Materials (2013)



Ebenezer Issue # 4 & 5

Ebenezer Issue # 3

Ebenezer Issue # 2




Resources on Cyber Wellness

Unlocking the Bible by David Pawson (Videos)

David Pawson Online Teaching Library

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Online Community  Notice Board





 New Books in the Church Library 
Alpha Course Resources (Alpha Friends Malaysia)




 Audio Bible 

 In different Versions (NIV, NASB, etc mainly English)  





 In mutliple Languages (including Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesia, Thai, Nepali, etc) 



Scripture Resources 

Scripture Memory Verse (Discipleland)

Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plan (youversion.com)


Articles of Religion of Methodist Church



 Recommended Readings : 

Should Christians Migrate? By Bishop Hwa Yung

A Biblical approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs

Discovering God in Chinese Character Booklet

China & the Bible (article by Richard Broadberry, co author of "Who are the Chinese?" )



 Transforming the Nation


MCCBCHST: MAIS Statement (on use of "Allah") Unprecedented and Unconstitutional

 "Movement of the Moderate" by Rev Eu Hong Seng, NECF Malaysia, Chairman

This article is written to guide members of NECF in their prayers and in their journey as responsible non-partisan Christian citizens. 



 Articles of Interests

Exercising Spiritual Gifts

External Links (devotional sites)






  Online Bible and Study Tools




Lookup a word or passage in the Bible






Steve Hyde (Mission Celebration Speaker)'s  Blog