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On the 16th April, the day after Good Friday and before Resurrection Sunday, we will be having 24 hours of Worship and Prayer starting from 6am Saturday morning to 6am Sunday morning. 

The theme is to, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1: 29. The 24 hours will be spent being with and beholding Jesus Christ our LORD, Saviour and King in Songs, Scripture Reading, intercession and other creative ways like reading poetry/psalms that we have written ourselves.

We invite your DG to participate either by taking up 30 mins or 1-hour slots to facilitate as the Holy Spirit would direct you. If you are not able to facilitate, we hope that your DG will be able to join in at any time throughout the 24 hours. Kindly fill up the slot/s in the Google sheet below with your name. Once the slots have all been filled up, we will share the flow for the 24 hours so that anyone can join in anytime.

Please view the 24 hour roster below to find available slots. Then click on the poster or this link  to update your details on the relevant blank rows. Take care not to override existing rows that have been filled up.

We are trusting God for breakthroughs in our lives as we spend unhurried time to behold our LORD. Shall we offer Him our time?

God’s blessings be upon all!

Heather Liew
On behalf of
Prayer Ministry & Worship ministry

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