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Being With Jesus 2024

Thank you for choosing to use the environmentally-friendly pdf softcopy version of Being With Jesus (BWJ) Daily Devotions.

If you absolutely require a hardcopy, you can pick up from the church office during normal office hours

A commitment fee of RM5/copy will be required on collection. 

BWJ Vol 3, July-Sept 2024


Greetings in Jesus’ name!
SSMC is now into her 49th year! We were established as a church on 24th May 1975. We praise God for His constant faithfulness and amazing grace toward us all the time. It was amazing to see how God moved hearts of young and old alike to give generously and sacrificially toward missions at our recent Anniversary Gift Day. The amount of RM1,410,344.84 collected will be disbursed to field workers and missionaries, mission organisations and ministry partners in Malaysia and overseas for the expansion of God's work. Praise the LORD!

We were reminded on Gift Day to focus on outcomes, not outputs. Our BWJ Q3 readings will take us through the book of NEHEMIAH, HAGGAI, MALACHI, ESTHER and 1 & 2 THESSALONIANS. Reading BWJ is the OUTPUT. Obedience, transformation, growth and the approval of God is the OUTCOME. These happen when God’s truths and principles are applied to life. Jesus said, “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” John 14:21

Our goal is accountability not to the content (OUTPUT) but accountability for changed lives (OUTCOME). Let us remember this. Therefore, share with others what is happening in your personal journey. Support, encourage and inspire one another as we journey together in our community of faith.

At present, the pulpit preaching and the DG Word dovetails with BWJ. We need to decide to continue, or to break for a season, or to adopt some other study material all together. Please pray for the Leadership and Christian Education (CE) Team as we review BWJ. Grace and peace.

Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.
Pastor Robin Liew and the Leadership Team

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Click on poster above or button on left to download the pdf.


BWJ Vol 2, Apr-June 2024

BWJ 2024 Vol 2.jpg

BWJ Vol 1, Jan-Mar 2024


Past Editions of BWJ (2023 and older)

Click on the respective Covers below to download your free pdf copy!

BWJ 2023 Vol 4.jpg
BWJ Adult Vol 3 2023.jpg
BWJ CC 2023 Vol 4.jpg
BWJ CC Vol 3 2023.jpg

BWJ Vol 2, Apr-Jun 2023

BWJ Vol 1, Jan-Mar 2023

BWJ2023 Adult Vol2.jpg
BWJ Vol 4 Download 2022.jpg

BWJ Vol 4, Oct-Dec 2022

BWJ Vol 2, Apr-June 2022

BWJ Vol 2 2022.png

BWJ Vol 3, Jul-Sept 2022

BWJ2022Vol3 Slide.jpg

BWJ Vol 1, Jan-Mar 2022

BWJ Vol 1 2022.jpg

BWJ 2023 Children's Workbook 


BWJ Children Vol 2, Apr-Jun 2023

BWJ CC Q1 2023.jpg
BWJ CC Vol 4 Download 2022.jpg
BWJ CC Vol 3 2022.jpg

Click on the respective links below to download the past Children Church "Being With Jesus" Workbooks​


Reading of Scriptures by members of SSMC Children's Church

Being With Jesus 2021 (Past Editions)

BWJ 2021 Vol2 Banner.jpg
BWJ2021 Slide1.jpg
BWJ2021_Plus Size.jpg

How to read the Bible inductively?

1. Setting the context: “ABCs”

  • Author & Audience

  • Background — Period & culture?

  • Context — what comes before and after it?


2. What does the passage say? (Observation)

  • Read and reread the passage.

  • Who? What happened? What was taught? When? Where? How? Why?

  • Mark key words, repeated words or phrases, and commands.


3. What does it mean? (Interpretation)

  • What is the author’s intent in this passage? What is one principle or lesson the writer/God was trying to communicate?      - saying to the people of his day?

  • Look at other related scriptures

  • Use Bible study aids to get a clearer meaning of the passage as needed.


4. How does the principle apply to one specific area of my life? (Application)

  • What is the Holy Spirit saying to me in this passage? Ask Him.

  • What is one way I can apply the heart of this passage to my life?

  • What will I do differently because of what I’ve learned?

Refer to the slides on Bible Engagement below (shared by Dr Lawson Murray during the Dive Deep into Bible Engagement Seminar on 10 Mar 2018)

Walk Thru the Old Testament Motions (2019)


Declaring the Word of God (2015/6)

Members from SSMC taking turns (in individual 290 x 20mins time slots) to read aloud the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation non-stop for 86 continuous hours, from midnight 28 Dec midnight to 3 Dec @ 4am closing the year in 2015 and ushering in 2016.

2 Timothy 4:13 

Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching

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