Updates as of 27 March 2020

Pastoral Letter #3  
In view of the new announcement on Wednesday extending  the Movement Control Order (MCO) till 14th April nationwide, I hope that all of you are making the necessary adjustments to this New Normal of “Working from Home” for the vast majority. Even for those in essential services who, I am sure are going to the work in a different ambience and feelings, even as they nagivate through many Police checkpoints on the roads. 
Being responsible and law abiding citizens, let’s abide by the law and be homebound for this season and only venture out when absolutely necessary to purchase food, medication  and other absolute necessities. Everyone will be safest staying at home for this period until things improve. 

For families/households

Suggestions for those who are homebound together with your families or housemates.  

  • Re-establish some sort of routine for yourself making time to have a regular devotional time to read God’s Word (following Being With Jesus) and to pray. Putting on some devotional music may help, reflecting on the words and worshipping along. 

  • If you are together as a family, fathers please take the initiative to have a simple devotional time together as a family everyday if possible, maybe just reading through the Gospels or following some family devotional guides. Involve your children, toddlers 2yrs old onwards can participate – singing favourite songs, story telling from the Bible, sharing and even doing crafts or projects together. 

  • Have Family Worship & Prayer Time definitely on Sundays to inculcate the importance of setting aside one day to honour God. 

  • In every household I am sure there are minor pieces of DIY job that needs to be done. It’s a goodtime to do and complete them.

 On the Church front ….

1. SSMC Lunch-Time Zoom Devotional Hour, Mondays to Saturdays (new).

Starting, 2nd April, the Church Leadership initiated a daily devotional time open to all to log in online and join us for a time of worship, short devotional, sharing of prayer needs and intercession.

Topic: SSMC Zoom Lunch-Time Devotional Hour

Time:  12noon to 1pm, Mondays to Saturdays.


2. Weekly Tuesday Night Prayer Meetings  

This will continue as e-prayer meeting via Zoom. The Zoom ID invitation will be sent via whatsapp and once you have installed Zoom program/app into your smartphone, iPad, Notebook or PC, clicking the Zoom ID link will allow you to join the e-prayer meeting.  As we are not constraint by traffic jams and the poor weather, Tuesday Night e-prayer meeting will start at 8pm instead for this season.


3. Discipleship Groups e-Meetings

It is good that some DGs continue to meet via Zoom, Skype, Hangout Meeting. While some DGs have yet to start explore e-meetings formats, I cannot emphasize enough the need to explore and embrace this new normal of e-meetings. There will be a steep learning curve which is to be expected but it’s doable and workable. If help and advise is needed, please feel free to contact Lam, Shih Shu or myself.

4. Sunday Church Celebration e-Service.

We have received feedback and comments regarding last Sunday's service format. This Sunday we will be doing Live Streaming via SSMC Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SSMethodistChurch/ ) complete with Worship, Intercession, Sermon, Announcement and Benediction.

The SSMC Facebook Live Streaming will begin at our usual time - 10am.

Please get the word out especially to those who are not connected to any DG as yet.

NB: If you are not yet a friend of SSMC Facebook page, please take the opportunity to be a friend.

 5. Special Note on Gifts, Offerings & Pledges.

We ask that you continue to give faithfully as before but via e-bank transfer or cash through ATM machine (only if you have other reason to leave the house).  Church Bank Acc.  :  Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church,                 

OCBC  Account No: 707 201 9139.

NB: For those giving pledge, after the transfer, please WhatsApp the details to Jenifer Kwek  (our Pledge Secretary) at 012 210 1762. It’s strictly P&C

5. Pastoral Needs :

If you have any Pastoral needs during this time of MCO, please feel free to contact any of the LT directly. Also if you come across any person or family who may be in need of food at this time, please feel free to contact any of the LT. 

Ps Swee Ming  017 3330088  ;  Ps Kok Moi  012 9153987 ;  KL Lam  012 2229221 ; 

Robin Liew  012 3277200  ;  Henry Wong  016 2233101 ; Shih Shu 012 2103490 ;

Henry Chong 012 2192318 ; Peter Ukung 011 21149686  

Lastly UPDATE on What Has The Church Been Doing to reach out and help those affected by this MCO.

  • Identifying and assisting those within the SSMC Family who are economically in need at this time.

  • Identifying families in KSKA esp the B40s & migrants who may need assistance for this period. We have purchased 99SpeedMart Cash vouchers which will be given to deserving families so that they can purchase basic necessities for the family.

  • Exploring e-learning for some of the KSKA tuition children.

God Almighty Reigns
His servant…

Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming


Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church

Click here for the pdf of the latest Pastoral Letter



Updates as of 17 March 2020

In view of the PM’s announcement on 16 March, issuing a “movement control order” countrywide to try to stem the Covid19 infection in our nation, all religious activities have been cancelled effective from Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 31st March 2020.
As a responsible institution, the Bishop of the Methodist Church of Malaysia to which SSMC belongs, has released a directive to abide to this directive from the Government and play our role for the good and welfare of our people and nation.
What does this mean for SSMC as a local church?

1. PRAYER MEETING on Tuesday 17th March 8.30pm will be ON in Room E2 for the last time before the directive takes effect, as we need to uphold the situation, people and nation in prayer. You are encouraged to come tonight if you are well and have the burden to intercede – but there is No Compulsion, No Comparison, No Condemnation.

2. Subsequently, All Church Meetings are cancelled with immediate effect including DG meetings, Sunday Services (English, Chinese, Children’s Church, KBM & Cambodian), Prayer Meetings, Youth Meeting, Tadika Methodist incld ASP, Visitation ministry and all PPKSKA activities and programs.

3. Church Office will be closed from Wednesday 18th March and all staff will continue to work from home.
New Normal of Doing Church.

In view of the current situation and the directive from the Government, it is good time to rethink the way we do church as God’s Chosen people whose hope and faith is on the Almighty.
All of us know that Church is never the building but people which means that Church goes on even though we cannot gather in a building on a designated day and time. Church is still very much alive.
This will be a good opportunity for families to take time to have devotion and pray together. Wherever possible, fathers should take the lead in bringing the family together in reading the Word, sharing needs and then praying together. This can be a daily “new family normal” since time is less of a constraint for both parents and children.

On Sundays, the Lord’s Day, encourage each family member to participate in family worship eg each choosing a song to sing. For Word, I have asked Ps Phua to share a short message which we will try to record and share with all the members for this Sunday (22 March). This can then be played as the family gather together to hear God’s Word. You can close with a time of prayer and possibly a song.

We will try to arrange a similar format for the subsequent weeks if possible.

NB: I am using the term ‘families’ to also include all brothers and sisters in Christ.
New Normal Doing Discipleship Group (DG).

Whilst we cannot meet physically together as a DG, may I suggest using e-media to meet together in cyberspace. DGs may want to explore using programs like Zoom, Skype, Hangout (just to name a few) as possible means to conduct video DG meeting – able to worship, share and pray together.
New Normal Doing Pastoral Visitation.

If during this period, anyone needs Pastoral input or advice, please feel free to Whatsapp any of the Leadership Team members. If necessary we can even schedule online video visitation at a time convenient to both parties.

Ps Swee Ming  017 3330088        

Ps Kok Moi   012 9153987          

Robin Liew   012 3277200

Henry Wong  016 2233101

KL Lam  012 2229221  

Henry Chong 012 2192318        

Peter Ukong 011 21149686 

Shih Shu 012 2103490

New Normal Giving Offering/Pledge.

I know that some of you have been doing online giving of offering and pledges but many have not. In this season of New Things & New Beginnings, you may want to consider giving offerings and pledges online. This is only a suggestion and on a purely voluntary basis. Please do not feel pressured to do so.

For the benefit of those who wish to the church bank info is:

Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church, OCBC  Account No: 707 201 9139.
As responsible citizens please be diligent in taking care the health of you and your loved ones. Continue to interceed for the situation upholding in our prayers, those directly in the forefront of the pandemic – all the medical staffs directly and indirectly taking care of those affected by the virus. Pray that God will be loving and merciful, and that He will grant wisdom and insight for our leaders and all parties on how best to address the Covid19 situation as well as those badly affected economically by the effects of the pandemic.
Read Psalms 91 today and apply it to our present situation.
God Almighty Reigns
His servant…

Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming


Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church


Updates as of 15 March 2020

The SSMC church leadership has carefully and prayerfully considered current developments regarding the Covid-19 situation, and have decided there will be no English Sunday Celebration service at our main sanctuary from next Sunday 22nd March 2020 onwards for an undetermined period.


On 14th March 2020, we provided "live on-line streaming" of our Sunday Celebration for the benefit of many who chose to participate "in spirit" from their homes but continued our normal Celebration Service for others who gathered. However, this may not be an ideal solution for the entire church body as it is missing the "koinonia" or fellowship component of body life. There will not be any live online streaming on 22 March or during this period as there is no corporate worship at our main sanctuary. 


Moving forward, our corporate church life will continue as we meet in our Discipleship Groups (DGs) in various homes. This is a similar arrangements as per DG Sundays, which we as the church, have been practicing at least once a year for many years. For those not officially linked to any Discipleship Group, it is an opportune time to join one. We welcome visitors to join us in any of the DGs.  Click here for a listing of DGs.

After evaluation various options, we feel that this is the best response to the current situation as we balance the needs of our members with exercising responsible citizenship during this challenging and uncertain times. As the situation is fluid, this arrangement will be reviewed from time to time and the SSMC Church Family kept duly informed.

Updates as of 7 March 2020

Dear SSMC Church Family,

As the chances of contracting the Covid19 virus has escalated recently with incidents of local community spread, we need to be extra vigilant, and take the necessary precautions to safeguard ourselves, our families and our community. At the same time, we should exercise sound judgement so as to not to become overly anxious and fearful. Please refrain from forwarding or viralising unconfirmed news about Covid-19 and inadvertently contributing to a climate of fear and panic.


To help us to be responsible and better prepared, these are some of the pertinent facts and advice we like to share based on the latest developments.  



Q: Should I be quarantined, if I have been to China, South Korea, Iran and Italy or come into contact with anyone from the above countries in the course of my business / work?

📍 If you have been to China, South Korea, Japan, Iran or Italy anytime in the past two weeks, please be advised that is important for you to comply with directive from MOH and impose a self-quarantine at least for 14 days on your return.

📍 If you have come into contact with anyone from China, South Korea, Iran or Italy at a venue / meeting where there is no confirmed cases at such a venue, there is no need for a quarantine or to stay away from church meetings / activities.

📍 However if you feel unwell subsequently after the meeting and develop a fever with or without cough, it is prudent to seek medical attention to exclude the possibility of Covid-19 infection.

📍 However if you come into knowledge that you've been in contact with a confirmed case after your meeting, you should immediately quarantine yourself and inform the relevant health authorities regarding your contact(s) and also to get yourself screened for Covid-19..  

Q: Should I wear a mask to church / in church?

📍 No need to wear a mask if you are well.

📍 Please wear a mask if you are have a cold especially if you are coughing and sneezing. In case of doubt please consult a Doctor.

📍 If you are having a fever, it will be wise to seek medical advise and if infectious, please rest at home to recuperate and avoid affecting others.

Q: Should I come to church if I am unwell and have a fever?

📍 Fever suggest infection and infectivity. So if you are having a fever, we advise you to seek Medical treatment and rest at home.

Please Note:

• If you are unwell, we will advise you to inform your Discipleship Group leader and/or Pastor so that as a Church family, we can uphold you in our prayers.

• Hand sanitisers are made available in convenient  locations of the church. Feel free to use them.

• Thermoscans to measure your temperature will be made available in the foyer if anyone is keen to check their body temperature.

• We have stepped up efforts to increase the cleanliness of common public spaces eg toilets by wiping the handles and handrails more often esp on Sundays.

• We ask all our members to maintain good personal hygiene habits, such as washing their hands regularly and avoid touching your face esp eyes and mouth. The use of disposable tissues (to be properly disposed after use) is better than handkerchiefs.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We would like to reassure that our church that life goes on as usual and no extra controls are needed at present, other than those precautions listed above.

As the current situation is very fluid and ever changing, these updated guidelines will be revised when the need arises.

May God bless us all, and have mercy on those who are affected from the virus, that they will recover and get well. We look to Him at all times.

Humbly in His Service
Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming
Pastor, SSMC
7th March 2020



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