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16 July was DG Sunday !

The call was "Don't come to "church" (the building) but be the Church (the Body of Christ)!".  At least once a year, we endeavor to meet - literally as Home Churches on a Sunday, in scores of different homes away from our main sanctuary building in KSKA. This year, we met in 28 homes and alternate venues in a unique Sunday celebration experience.

This annual practice reinforces our belief that the church is not so much a physical building confined in one locality and time but is really the body of Christ comprising His followers living out their faith in their community and society daily. It is also a good opportunity to invite our friends and family members  (which we occasionally refer to as our "oikoses") to experience the Christian body life in a homely and less formal environment. 


We trust all who attended this DG Sunday were much blest by the worship, prayer, message and fellowship in a small intimate group setting. We pray that the message on "The Storms of Life" based on Acts 27:9-44 provided much encouragement and assurance for everyone especially those who are going through various storms in their lives.


Acts 27 - NIV Dramatised

Thank you for joining us on DG Sunday on 16 July 2017.

If this was your first time experiencing Church life in a small group setting , we hope you will you to continue to be part of the Disciple Group as they meet weekly. We also invite you to join us in our regular Sunday Celebration Services at our main sanctuary.


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