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Do you long for meaningful encounters with Jesus Christ? Immerse yourself in the living Word of God and connect with God's Story through our upcoming seminars - 'Dive Deep into Bible Engagement' - that is being held on Saturday, 10 Mar 2018 in Sungai-Way Subang Methodist Church (SSMC).

Please note that there will be two separate seminars: 

1.  Public Seminar (open to all), 9 am - 12.30 pm 

For those intending to attend this session, please register using this link

2.  Special SSMC Seminar (for SSMC DG Leaders and Assistant Leaders), 6pm - 10pm

For SSMC members intending to attending this "customized" session, please register below. You do not need to attend both sessions as there will be significant overlapping materials, and the evening session will be customized for SSMC.

Dinner will be provided for the evening session at 6pm.


About the Speaker

Dr Lawson Murray is the National Director of SU Canada and the author of the newly published book, Bible Engagement Basics and his doctoral thesis is on Bible Engagement.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to learn from a man whose whole life is immersed in Bible Engagement. He is coming to Malaysia to conduct a special seminar and help us dive deep into Bible Engagement.

Seminar Overview 
Be equipped to be an effective Bible engager. Dive deep into Bible engagement by learning how to encounter the Bible in a life-changing way and exploring practical ways to strengthen connections with the Bible personally and in your faith community. Together we'll ask questions about what the Bible is, how we should interact with it, what we should be doing with it, how we can renew/revive Bible reading/reflection, and much more.

Connecting with the Bible, 11Mar2018 - Dr Lawson Murray
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