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If you are starting / joining a GIFT Group,  please register online or at the church office for administrative purposes.

Click on poster above to fill in a simple GIFT Group Form.

Please also inform your DG Leader.

   What is a GIFT Group?     

A GIFT Group is a way of multiplying disciples without relying on gifted leaders. A few people who desire to grow in Christ can hear from God through sharing, praying and reading scripture together. Desiring to grow spiritually, they intentionally decide to journey through life together, to be accountable to one another and to disciple others.


They encourage and support each other in discerning and obeying what they hear from God. They also agree to pray for one another’s needs and for the salvation of loved ones.


A GIFT Group typically meets once a week for about an hour. It is gender specific (not co-ed), requires no curriculum or special training and does not need a recognised leader. Its members mainly do three things:


  1. Confess sin to one another in mutual accountability.

  2. Share what God is speaking and how obedience is being worked out - this is faith.

  3. Pray for one another and for people desperately needing Christ.


   WHY GIFT Groups?    

1. Relationship (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12):


Life change does not happen in a vacuum; it happens in close and trusting relationships with others. For most, it is difficult to have the kind of close-knit bonds that can change lives with more than a few people at any one time. The best context for this life-changing community is in a small group of two or three like-minded and committed individuals.

2. Accountability (1 Timothy 5:19):


Few things in life get done without some degree of accountability. In the pursuit of godliness we need someone or a small group to hold us accountable for our life and actions. Since it’s hard to be accountable to more than a few people at a time, in a GIFT Group we can find the necessary support and encouragement among people who know, love and understand us and our struggles.


3. Confidentiality (Matthew 18:15-17):


Confession of sin is needed for cleansing, healing, and preparation for a life of service.  A safe place to do this is essential. A small group, of the same gender, among people who know, care and love you and who themselves are also sharing their own struggles, provides as safe a place as one can find to do just that.


4. Flexibility (Matthew 18:20):


A small number of busy people can coordinate their schedules and meet almost anywhere.


5. Reproducibility (2 Timothy 2:2):


Simple things multiply more easily than complex things. If we learn to multiply this basic unit of the church, we have a better chance to multiply more complex discipleship groups, ministries and even congregations.

  WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS   OF GIFT GROUPS?                                   
  • For Christians only

  • Gender based

  • You can start a group and invite others to join you, or join an existing group

  • Minimum 2 persons and maximum 5 persons

  • Member to be invited into any group must be agreed upon by everyone within the group.

  • Meets weekly or fortnightly at a mutually convenient time and place

  • Meets up to 1 hour at each meeting

  • Follows the Character Conversation Questions provided but there is no prescribed syllabus to follow or complete.

  • No official leader and no reporting are required. Peer mentoring is encouraged.

  • Strict confidentiality in all things shared is vital for the life and growth of the group.

  • All members covenant to meet together for 12 calendar months: January to December. The group will disband come end December of each year and re-group every January – same group or form/ join new groups. However, individuals are free to opt out of the group at any time.

  • GIFT Groups are not a substitute for Discipleship Groups (DG) but are complementary to DG. 

  • Members are strongly encouraged to replicate GIFT Groups and so disciple others.


  1. CONFESS your sin to one another in mutual accountability (Proverbs 27:17, James 5:16, Galatians 6:1-5). Go through the Character Conversation Questions.

  2. SHARE what God is speaking to you and how obedience is being worked out.

  3. PRAY for one another as well as for people within your circle of influence who desperately need Jesus. Pray throughout the week - strategically, specifically, and continuously.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we covenant to:


  1. 1.BE  ACCOUNTABLE to each other in sharing life (mutual discipleship).

  2. IN STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY, CONFESS SINS OR ACTIONS not conforming with our identity or who God intends us to be. There should be no condemnation, no comparison and no competition within the group.

  3. PRAY REGULARLY for specific ones, looking for opportunities to reach them with the Good News.

  4. GIVE THE UTMOST PRIORITY to meeting together  once we have decided on time / place.

  5. SEEK TO DISCIPLE others as we are discipled.



Go through these questions and close your time in prayer for one another’s growth in these areas:


  1. Have you been a testimony this week to the greatness of Jesus Christ with both your words and actions?

  2. Have you been exposed to sexually alluring material or dishonoured another with sexual thoughts this week?

  3. Has the desire for money, material possessions, or status at any time controlled your thoughts, conversations, or behavior?

  4. Have you damaged another person by words, either behind his/her back or face to face?

  5. Have you been honouring, understanding, and generous in important relationships this week?

  6. Have you given in to an addictive behaviour this past week?

  7. Have you continued to remain angry towards another?

  8. Have you secretly wished for another’s misfortune so that you might excel?

  9. Did you finish your scripture reading for the week and did you hear from God? What are you going to do about it?

  10. Have you been completely honest with us?


Sunday Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming  introducing the G.I.F.T. Group 

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In the Beginning, 6Jan2019 - Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming
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