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Daily Lent Meditations in audio format.

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Behold Jesus - April 8th 2023 (Sat)

We would like to invite participation from all generations to come and worship together starting at 8am on Saturday, April 8th, 2023

From 8.30am onwards, we will declare the Gospels, all the way to about 8pm.

For the last hour, 8pm to 9pm, we will have a combined time of worship and prayer. 

Please set aside this Saturday to behold King Jesus through His Word and be quickened in our hearts to love Him even deeper. Bring your family and take family slots. 

Our friends know the importance of reciting their holy book (April 8 is Nuzul Quran) and we who have the Living Word must be spiritually discerning. Come excitedly and expectantly! 🔥🔥

Book your slots at this link:

God bless.


Check the schedule below to view available slots & register your slot(s) by clicking on this link

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