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SSMC will be celebrating its 48th Anniversary on 21 May 2023. We thank God for His faithful guiding SSMC thus far.

Church Health Online Survey

In partnership with a retired Senior Pastor of a Klang Valley church, SSMC will embark on a health check survey with the aim:

📍 to hear from our members
📍 to understand better the effectiveness of ministry work
📍 to prepare ourselves for the challenging days ahead in view of recent covid pandemic

The outcome of the survey is by no way to chart the direction of SSMC. We still trust that God will provide and lead SSMC to continue the plan and purpose He has given to us.

Please encourage your members to participate in the survey. We require a minimum of 80 responses which must be submitted before 7 May 2023.

To access this form, you can click on the poster or button above, scan the QR code or on this link:            

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