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1. Introduction to Spiritual Direction

We live in a very noisy world, surrounded by electronic beeps and all kinds of auditory stimuli. At times these noises keep us distracted enough to ignore pain, or tensions, or imbalance in our life. 

In Mark 6:31, God's invitation to us to "Come with a quiet place and get some rest".

How do we come away with God to a quiet place unless we are able to pause, pay attention, and to be intentional in our posture to tune in. 

The ministry of Spiritual Direction is one of the process and practice by which a person may progress in one's spiritual life. 

2. Christian Counselling & Mental Health
The Christian Counselling & Mental Health workshop introduces the principles of the bible orientated counselling. This workshop will also explore how Christian Counselling can support individuals affected by mental health issues.
Participants will also learn the roles, characteristics, and responsibilities of Christian counsellors in relation to mental health.

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SSMC Inner Healing & Deliverance Workshop (Repeat) 

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Request for repeat of Workshop 

Thank you to all participants of this workshop on 17th and the repeat on 25th September. We trust that this introduction session was insightful and provided you with some ideas of the keys and principles of inner healing & deliverance and also "tools" for body-life ministry.

We have receive some requests to repeat this workshop for those who could not attend either of the dates in September.

The LifeCare Ministry is open to conduct another Workshop in October or November if there is sufficient interest.

Drop us an email at if you are interested. 

the SSMC LifeCare Ministry and Team | 26 June 2022

If you require LifeCare counselling services, we invite you to fill in the form below as the first step in our journey together!

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