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This family-friendly movie was screened in the local cinema recently, but unfortunately for only a short time. If you missed it, you have an opportunity to catch it on 21 Sept 2019 @ SSMC. This is movie adaptation of the inspirational true story of a parent's unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds.

When a grave cold tragedy fell on a young man, all hope seemed lost. Even when medical experts gave the worst prognosis, the parent refused to give up hope and all but surrendered to God for a breakthrough . This steadfast faith inspired the community to come together to pray for a miracle, challenging all conventional scientific expertise and every medical case precedence. Spoiler alert! Faith and love can move a mountain of doubt, and bear witness to a miracle bursting forth even from the icy barriers of the hardened skeptics. 

Come and watch with friends and as families! Fair warning - be prepared to cry your heart out, break out in joy and applause, and hug your children and loved ones a bit more tightly as you experience some heartfelt moments together. 

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