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We've come to the time of the year when the Church in Malaysia prepares herself to intensify prayers for our churches and nation. The 40-Day Fast & Pray begins on the 7th August to 15th September 2019. For our local church SSMC, the Prayer Ministry is mobilizing the entire Body of Christ to stand in the gap together with Christians across Malaysia. We've prepared a roster to get every DG involved. Each DG is allocated one day out of the 40 Days but of course, you're strongly encourage to engage your group to pray fervently throughout this season. You are free to organise your members accordingly. Use the NECF Prayer booklet as your guide.

Let's encourage one another to fast, pray and obey as the Holy Spirit quickens us to action. As we join our hearts in fervent prayers, may God change each one of us from the inside out so that we may be His cleansed and anointed vessels to intercede for the church and nation.  Finally, let's be reminded of this quote by John Wesley, that "God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it."

Thank you and God Bless.
Heather Liew & Prayer Ministry Team.

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