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Join this Prophetic Intercessory Prayer equipping session with Sam Hofmann from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and be impacted by the Holy Spirit using His servant who lived and breathed intercession and witnessed breakthroughs in prayers. Sam will also share amazing testimonies of God’s conquering through intercession over the cities and breaking strongholds. 

Sam Hofmann, a German, married and with 5 kids, has pioneered churches, Children’s homes, training centers and a prayer center in North India where he served as missionary for almost 20 years. Thousands have come into the Kingdom of God in North India by massive passionate and intense intercession & prayer warfare with evangelism through YWAM teams.

Today Sam teaches across different nations in churches and YWAM centres. He leads international prayer seminars and prayer initiatives, serves in counseling and deliverance.

Sam's passion is to teach and impart on the matter of Intercession on topics such as The Womb of Prayer; Strategic Prayer walking; Tearing down Strongholds; Prophetic Actions; Prophetic Proclamation etc and through his teachings, galvanise the church into action.

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