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Starting in 2020, we will be uploading the video recordings of our Sunday Sermons on our website. You can continue to listen/download the audio recordings (mp3) and view/download the sermon slides (pdf) wherever available.

We will endeavor to upload the sermon videos within a week and feature most sermons with a few exceptions for different reasons.

DVDs of the sermon will be available on special requests and for special occasions.

The online video is for the benefit of those who missed our Sunday Celebration Service or the Sermon in particular and even for those who wish to review or share the message with others. We also hope this can be a blessing to many others and those who are part of the larger Body of Christ. 


Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming on 29 Mar 2020

Sermon Miracles 29Mar2020Artist Name
00:00 / 32:59

"Jesus - The God-Man" 

Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming on 15 Mar 2020

Sermon Jesus the God Man 15Mar2020Artist Name
00:00 / 48:22

"Jehovah-Ropi - The Lord is our Shepherd" 

Sermon by Koh Earn Soo on 1 Mar 2020

The Lord is my Shepherd 1Mar20Artist Name
00:00 / 49:02

"Who is God? - Attributes of God" 

Sermon by Jory Leong on 16 Feb 2020

Who is God (Ps139) 16Feb2020Artist Name
00:00 / 46:18

"The Godhead - Trinity (Doctrine of God)  

Sermon by Robin Liew on 9 Feb 2020

The Godhead - Trinity 9Feb2020Artist Name
00:00 / 55:47

"Our Covenant Keeping God"

Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Kok Moi on 2 Feb 2020

Our Covenant Keeping God 2Feb2020Artist Name
00:00 / 52:04

"Is the Bible Trustworthy?" - 

Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming on 19 Jan 2020

It the Bible trustworthy 19Jan2020Artist Name
00:00 / 1:12:35

"2020 - Year of Faith"

Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Swee Ming on 5 Jan 2020

Track NameArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04

"The Christian & CNY Traditions"

Sermon by Rev Dr Ng Kok Moi on 22Jan 2017

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