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We welcome you in Jesus' name to our Sunday Celebration Services &  meetings as listed below!

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On-Going In-Person & On-line Meetings / Services

1. Sunday Church Celebration In-Person / Online Service (10.00am).

 All our Sunday Celebration Services (across the 3 languages) are open for in-person worship with compliance to on-site meeting SOPs. Wearing masks is now optional.

Our Sunday Celebration Online Service continues via Live Streaming via

English Language Service

All the different language services will begin at our usual time - 10am.

2. Weekly Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting (8.30pm)

This will continue as e-prayer meeting via Zoom. The Zoom ID invitation will be sent via whatsapp and once you have installed Zoom program/app into your smartphone, iPad, Notebook or PC, clicking the Zoom ID link will allow you to join the e-prayer meeting. As many people are returning to work and other regular activities, Tuesday Night e-prayer meetings will return to our previous 8.30 pm slot.
3. Discipleship Groups e-Meetings / In-person gatherings

Many DGs continue to meet via Zoom, Skype, Hangout Meeting, and some have started in-person gatherings. In line with the latest guidelines on physical meetings, DGs at their own discretion can decide on how they would like to move forward on physical / zoom / hybrid meetings. However, the prevailing SOPs will need to be followed (eg Fully vaccinated adults, Children must be supervised, Mask worn at all time, No eating / meals provided). 


5. Special Note on Gifts, Offerings & Pledges.

We ask that you continue to give faithfully as before but recommend that you utilise e-bank transfer or cash through ATM machine even if you attend the Sunday Celebrations in-person.

Church Bank Acc.  :  Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church,                 

OCBC  Account No: 707 201 9139.

However, you can still place your Gifts & Pledges 

in the Offering Boxes located in the Sanctuary.  

NB: For those giving pledge, after the transfer,

please WhatsApp the details to Jenifer Kwek  (our Pledge Secretary)

at 012 210 1762. Please be assured your gifts are strictly P&C


Our regular in-person services when we resume start concurrently on Sundays, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon*

Pre-Worship (a time to prepare our hearts and minds to come into His Presence) starts at 9.40am

* Note that some of the meetings are on other days e.g. Saturdays

  • ENGLISH SERVICE * (please see important notice below)
    Main Sanctuary. Holy Communion is conducted every second Sunday of the month

    Hall T1. Every first Sunday of the month, the children join the adults for FAMILY WORSHIP


  • Hall T1. Every Sunday at 12.30 - 2.00pm 


    Two minutes walk away from our main sanctuary, at No 2, Lorong Dahlia, Kg Sg Kayu Ara. Mainly in Mandarin. [View 中文堂]

  • CHINESE CHURCH SATURDAY SERVICE (Saturdays 7.30 - 9.30pm)

       No 2, Lorong Dahlia, Kg Sg Kayu Ara

We are a DG Church. We are organized into many smaller groups that meet regularly as we minister and encourage one another. We call our small groups Discipleship Groups (DGs)​. 

Discipleship Groups meet weekly / regularly for:


Word study: Reading Thru' the New Testament together, everyday.

Walk/works: Praying & encouraging one another.

Warmth: Fellowship & sharing lives together.

Come join one of our DGs!

Click pin icon for more information on time and locations or call our Church office.

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