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We invite you to invest just 1 hour on a Sunday afternoon over 4 consecutive Sundays, starting 21 Jan 2018, to catch the heartbeat of God in His Unfinished Story of Redemption of the Nations.


Come and hear, see, engage and discover how you can be in partnership with God as He mobilises a global Christian movement to fulfill His Great Commission. 

The Unfinished Story ….. a study to rediscover GOD’S BIG PLAN!


Enlarge your vision to see God’s big picture and the grand plan for us!

Journey with Him to see HIS-STORY - what He has done in the past and is doing even now!

Discover our place and part of His GOD’s BIG PLAN and our role to complete the unfinished story!

Four Sundays Study Sessions:

  • Video teaching

  • Inspiring testimony videos

  • Reflections on short thought-provoking articles 

  • "Working out Worksheets" on practical applications

  • Small group discussion

  • Prayer support for one another

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About The Unfinished Story



The Unfinished Story provides an exciting overview of the mission of God from Genesis, through the gospels and more than two thousand years of the world Christian movement to our world today.

This course is designed to inspire, educate and challenge God’s people in our time, to engage with God in what is arguably the generation that offers the potential for the greatest harvest ever! The Unfinished story will help form a Biblical worldview that sees our participation with God in mission as both an exciting adventure and, even more importantly, what it means to be a true follower of Jesus!



Format and Content

This course is designed to be conducted in a small group setting within a local church as a standard part of a local church’s discipleship program.  The recommended format is one night a week for four weeks. Each session goes for about one hour and 45 minutes.

The Unfinished Story uses a variety of learning methods and interactive activities, such as :

  • Inspirational teaching videos covering the biblical, historical, strategic and cultural areas of mission concern in a way that makes mission easily understood.

  • Supplementary videos complement and reinforce the teaching and other activities in each session.

  • Prayer for the least reached peoples, both globally as well as those living in our own cities and communities.

  • Stimulating interactive group discussions where each participant shares what the Lord is saying to them personally through the material in each session.


“We are living in the most exciting time in mission history, ever.  This just might be the generation in which the final chapter of mission history is written. This course will help in the formation of a truly missional worldview.  Believers will want to reach out to people from other cultures and will see mission as the reason why we as God’s people are here on earth.”

Simply Mobilizing is all about mobilizing for the world Christian movement. Our courses and programs are specifically developed to help form a missional worldview leading to engagement with God, on mission, in today’s world.

The lack of education and understanding in cross-cultural mission was a major obstacle in many mission movements among unreached people groups.  Foreign missionaries had failed, by and large, to teach on cross-cultural mission and the Church’s responsibility to reach out to near neighbor unreached peoples. To address this need a mission course, which is now known as the Kairos Course was developed.  It was based on Dr Jonathan Lewis’ three- volume ‘World Mission Book’ focusing on four areas of mission concern – Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural.  Much of this was taken from ‘Perspectives on the World Christian Movement’, a study course produced by the Institute of International Studies at the US Center for World Mission. More than twenty years on, the Kairos course is conducted in more than 80 countries worldwide.


The Simply Mobilizing (SM) movement was launched in September 2015, as the outgrowth of the Kairos Course movement and introduces multiple mobilization courses including "The Unfinished Story" and programs both for Christians, to be used primarily in local churches and for church leaders. SM is also focused on the development and training of Mobilizers to enhance and grow this important ministry of mobilization..



On the 23rd of May 2015, Simply Mobilizing (SM) Malaysia was launched at the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM). Among those who showed up to witness this event were pastors, ministry leaders, and individuals who have themselves been impacted by the Kairos Course, from which Simply Mobilizing has developed.

There to commission SM Malaysia was the Kairos Course founder and International Director of Living Springs International, Rev. Max Chismon. He started out by giving a brief history of the Kairos Course, and why Simply Mobilizing was founded.

Rev. Max shared his story about how he and his team had learned through their experiences in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, that the best way to reach unreached people groups is to mobilize the Church that is closest to the unreached, both geographically and culturally. If a group of people is not receptive to the Gospel, the best way to bring the Gospel to them is not by sending foreign missionaries to them, but by mobilizing and training people who share a common culture and background with them to be the ones to bring the good news to their neighbours.


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