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"Who may ascend to the mountain of the LORD?

Who may stand in His holy place?

The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,

who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false God."


Identity | Destiny | Missions

Who are we?

We are the youths of SSMC, passionate about...

  • learning about Christ,

  • experiencing God together,

  • growing up together and

  • discovering life together.


We desire to be...

  • intimately encounter Christ,

  • anchored in our identity in Christ,

  • deeply rooted in the Word,

  • empowered by the Holy Spirit and

  • leaders commissioned by God. our Youth Meetings

on Sundays

from 12.30 pm - 2pm

@ SSMC, Hall T1

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Upcoming Events
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A SSMC Youth Original Production

This original SSMC Youth production seek to tell the stories of ordinary people - all trying to live out ordinary lives as individuals and families in the pursuit of the elusive happiness, yet are invariably caught in tedium and struggles of life. The different characters have their own unique hopes and aspirations counter-balanced by painful pasts, present predicaments and broken dreams. As they journey their individual paths, their lives cross in unexpected ways and their stories inter-twine - revealing common burdens but also a shared hope and a better future.

(Performed live on 20-Aug-2016 @ SSMC)

SSMC Youth

SSMC Youth

SSMC Youth
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Broken SSMC Youth Production Slideshow

Broken SSMC Youth Production Slideshow

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SSMC Youth Beatbox 10Jul2016

SSMC Youth Beatbox 10Jul2016

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2016 YN Recruitment Video

2016 YN Recruitment Video

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Youth Mission Trip Interviews 1

Youth Mission Trip Interviews 1

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