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We invite you be part of one of the many smaller Discipleship Groups (DGs) that meet throughout the week in different homes. It is at these Discipleship Groups, that members engage with each other at a more personal and intimate level, help each other deepen their understanding of God's Word and seek to "stir up one another" in living out their Christian discipleship. Indeed, the DGs represent the "basic building blocks"  of the Church as much of the ministry and faith goals of the church are worked out and fulfilled at this level.

Discipleship Groups @ SSMC

These are the small discipleship groups that meet in members' homes throughout Klang Valley (and a few meet in SSMC).  If you are currently not part of any DG, we encourage you to contact any of them who may meet in your neighbourhood and at a time which is convenient to you. The areas where their respective groups meet and the times of the meetings, together with their phone #, email contacts are listed for your guide.


We trust that you will be welcomed warmly into their "family" and can begin to experience the transformation of shared lives in a small group setting. Drop the leader an email message as a first step to becoming a part of the heartbeat of SSMC!

Alternatively, you may contact the church office if you require further assistance to find a suitable Discipleship Group.

DG Updates 1Apr22.jpg
Listing of DGs by Locations (2023)
Listing of DGs (2022)

Discipleship Group Regular Weekly Meetings

You can view DGs by location or by DG Shepherds groupings. Feel free to contact the church office to locate a suitable DG or get in touch the respective DG leaders by email should you be interested to join a specific DG for their meetings.  
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Celebrating Birth of the New Discovery DG on 10 April 2020

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