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At SSMC, we subscribe to the notion that the church is not a physical building but a living body of believers (Corpus Christi), under the Lordship of Christ. Whilst some of our church life and activities are anchored within a specific geography in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, we share the calling of John Wesley in seeing the world as our parish. Some call this a "Church without Walls".

Indeed, this very idea is implicit in our corporate Vision - to transform lives and expand His Kingdom. It compels us to look beyond our walls at the needs of our community - our immediate and extended neigbours. It calls for a shift in our focus and mindset - from waiting for people to come in, to actively sending (God's co-)labourers out; from an inward congregration focus to a passion for transforming society; from seeking God's blessings to blessing others; from a fixation on man-made monuments to building lives; and from being church-centric to becoming Christ-centric.

Only then, will we truly become salt of the earth and light of the world in our homes, schools, communities and marketplace. 

Get connected to one of our many Discipleship Groups (DGs) and discover the many areas of service you can grow as we partner God in His Kingdom!

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