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Pastoral Letter (updated highlights)   
In view of the new announcement on Wednesday extending  the Movement Control Order (MCO) till 12th May nationwide, I hope that all of you are making the necessary adjustments to this New Normal of “Working from Home” for the vast majority.


With the new directive (see excerpt below) from our TRAC President, Rev Jeya, advising no physical gathering in churches until end of May 2020, we must be prepared for the possibility that we may not meet physically until at least June 2020 and even that is conditional to MCO being lifted fully or partially and ongoing limitation imposed to the size of gatherings. 
Being responsible and law abiding citizens, let’s abide by the law and be homebound for this season and only venture out when absolutely necessary to purchase food, medication  and other absolute necessities. Everyone will be safest staying at home for this period until things improve. 

 On the Church front ….

1. SSMC Lunch-Time Zoom Devotional Hour (12.00noon, Mondays to Saturdays).

Starting, 2nd April, the Church Leadership initiated a daily devotional time open to all tolog in online and join us for a time of worship, short devotional, sharing of prayer needs and intercession.Topic: SSMC Zoom Lunch-Time Devotional Hour

Time:  12noon to 1pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

2. Weekly Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting (8.00pm)

This will continue as e-prayer meeting via Zoom. The Zoom ID invitation will be sent via whatsapp and once you have installed Zoom program/app into your smartphone, iPad, Notebook or PC, clicking the Zoom ID link will allow you to join the e-prayer meeting. For this season as we do not need to worry about traffic jam and the weather, Tuesday Night e-prayer meeting will start at 8pm instead.
3. Discipleship Groups e-Meetings

It is good that some DGs continue to meet via Zoom, Skype, Hangout Meeting. While some DGs have yet to start explore e-meetings formats, I cannot emphasize enough the need to explore and embrace this new normal of e-meetings. There will be a steep learning curve which is to be expected but it’s doable and workable. If help and advise is needed, please feel free to contact Lam, Shih Shu or myself.

4. Sunday Church Celebration e-Service (10.00am).

Our Sunday Celebration e-Service complete with Worship, Intercession, Sermon, Announcement and Benediction will be conducted as Live Streaming via SSMC Facebook (  or )
SSMC Chinese Church Sunday e Service is also Live Streaming at芥菜籽的天空-101466574839913/
The SSMC Facebook Live Streaming will begin at our usual time - 10am.


Important notice: Please take note of the latest TRAC directive below -

5. Special Note on Gifts, Offerings & Pledges.

We ask that you continue to give faithfully as before but via e-bank transfer or cash through ATM machine (only if you have other reason to leave the house).  Church Bank Acc.  :  Sungai Way-Subang Methodist Church,                 

OCBC  Account No: 707 201 9139.

NB: For those giving pledge, after the transfer, please WhatsApp the details to Jenifer Kwek  (our Pledge Secretary) at 012 210 1762. It’s strictly P&C

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Excerpt from Letter from  President of Trinity Annual Conference to all Methodist Churches in Malaysia (Please click on text or pdf logo to access the full text of the letter)


18th of April, 2020

Blessed Easter!
Firstly, I write to inform you that our Executive Board has taken a decision that in view of the seriousness of the Covid-19 situation, TRAC churches should not rush to hold worship services even if and when the MCO is lifted later in April 2020. Therefore, throughout the month of May our churches will not be opened for worship services. This decision to suspend worship services will be reviewed in the second half of the month of May 2020.


Finally, I pray that for all of us who have been busy serving, this present time will be a time for self-reflection. It is not important if we do not understand the pandemic in detail, however it is essential that we understand our relationship with the Holy One, understand ourselves better as a result, and understand those around us. May we arise from this situation with a deeper faith in GOD Almighty and a stronger commitment to HIM. May we understand what authentic worship is and what genuine servanthood is all about.

Easter Blessings,
Rev. T. Jeyakumar
Trinity Annual Conference
The Methodist Church in Malaysia 


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Please note that all gathering events from 18 March to 28 April 2020 are cancelled.

Please refer to our Covid-19 Advisory


Our Sunday Celebration Services are from 10:00am to 12:00 noon

Services are in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia & Cambodian. Children's Church runs concurrently.



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