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We welcome you to join us in a unique Sunday Celebration Service on 20 August 2023, when we "don't go to church" in the traditional sense. 

Once a year, the English-speaking congregation of SSMC intentionally meet - literally as Church without walls on a Sunday, in scores of different homes and alternate venues away from our main sanctuary building in KSKA.

This practice reinforces our convictions that the church is not a building but a extended family of believers living out our faith daily in the context of their community and society.


Important Notice

There will be no in-person Sunday Celebration Service for the English speaking congregation at our main sanctuary in Kg Sg Kayu Ara (KSKA) on 20 August 2023

DG Sunday is also an opportunity for us to engage with our friends and family members, as we invite them to an experience of "church" in a more personal and dynamic setting.

Everyone is welcome! Feel free to join in any of these "church without walls" most convenient or comfortable to you by contacting any of the DG leaders listed below by geographical location.

As a courtesy, you may wish to contact the host or DG leader in advance so that they can anticipate your presence and also help in planning for logistics and food. 

Scroll down for complete listings of locations for DG Sunday, together with contact numbers of the respective leaders for you to call if you are planning to join them on 20th August 2023. 


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