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Thank you for your interest in our Birds & Bees Virtual Camp.

Even though we have been running the Birds & Bees Camp for more than 20 years, this is our first attempt at running the Birds & Bees camp virtually. 

Due to the COVID pandemic, we had to cancel the Birds & Bees Camp 2020, even though we had booked the camp site. We were at that time hoping to be able to run a physical camp in 2021. However, prolonged pandemic restrictions is preventing us from proceeding with a physical camp in 2021 also. Even 2022 remains uncertain at this stage. 

We have been receiving multiple requests from parents, both directly or via our FB page, to run a Birds & Bees Camp this year.

Hence, finally... after months of waiting, hesitation and prayer, encouraged by the many requests, the B&B Team has decided to launch out into the deep and run our first ever virtual Birds & Bees Camp this year.

We can foresee the challenge of transforming a very interactive, activity-based physical camp into a fully virtual camp via Zoom, without losing impact. 

As such, we would very much appreciate the full commitment and co-operation of the BOTH parents and participant to make this Virtual Camp work effectively.

1.    All participants MUST have their video ON at all times during the session. This is to ensure that they are physically present & paying attention
2.    Younger siblings should not be around the participant. They may distract the participant. More importantly, the subject matter being covered will not be suitable nor helpful for the younger siblings.

The camp commitment fee of RM100 will also cover materials and the certificate. Even though this 2-day camp will be conducted virtually on Zoom, a workbook and possibly other materials and a personalised camp certificate will be prepared and couriered to the participants before the start of the camp. 

Recognizing the financial implication of the pandemic, we are providing subsidy for those who need it. This is available on request in the registration form. 

Please note that there is also a column in the registration form for those who might wish to pay more in order to subsidize those who cannot afford.

We recognize the importance of this camp, as the subject matter covered in our camp is hard to access elsewhere, particularly in the godly way and wholesome form in which it is presented.

Please pray for the team as we plan and work. 

Thank you.

Ps Kok Moi

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